Criminal Defense

DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Charges for any criminal offense can be a frighteneing experience, regardless of the severity of the alleged crime. This is especially true for first time offenders who have no familiarity with the Idaho Criminal Justice System. Such people may feel alone and overwhelmed. The consequences for a criminal conviction can also be severe, impacting your future eployment options and even lifestyle. It is important to remember that an arrest doesn’t mean conviction, especially with the guidance of a criminal defense lawyer..

Youngblood Law office has protectes the futures of men, women, and our youths charged with misdemeanor, felonies, and DUI’s in Idaho since 2005. We understand the techniques, deficiencies in investigative procedures, and other factors that can be used to your advantage. When you have so much at stake, its critical to work with an Idaho criminal defense attorney who has bot the expereicence and perspective necessary to fight for the best outcome for your particular cases.

Our office confidently defend clients in a variety of criminal cases, both inside and outside the courtroom. This includes charges for possession of a constrolled substance, trafficiking, manufacting, and other drug or narcotics offesnes. Idaho is not known for its leniency on drug offenders, even for something as common as a marijunanca chage in Idaho. Because these charges can greatly impair your current or future employment options, it is critical to work with our office as early as possible in the process.

DUI—Arrests for DUI can be stressful and anxiety inducing. It can be even more intimdating to face these charges alone. Its important to remember that an arrest for DUI does not mean that you will be convicted or even lose your license, especially when aided by an experienced Idaho DUI defense attorney. Our knowledge of the law and science behind impaired driving has helped people facing even the most serious of traffic crimes.

Comprehensive Misdemenaor and Felony Defense After an arrest, you may have several appearances and hearsings to face aside from trial. It is in your best interest to retain the services of an attorney as early as possible after your arrest to assist you during these procedural steps.You can rest assured that we will stand as your fierce advocate during questioning, arraignment, bail/bond hearings, pre-trial motions, administrative license suspension hearings, trial and beyond.